Monday, October 12, 2009

day 113 - shifting goals

when i started this shot my thought was i wanted to set up a hard light camera left, have that hitting my cheek/ear, then have something blocking the light from hitting my chin/nose. then set up a reflector camera right to bounce back some soft light.

so my face would be hard light on the left, shadow area, soft light on the right.

it was that shadow separation area that i was most interested in. it seemed like a challenge. so i set up a flash camera left, and clamped a small book (the melancholy death of oyster boy, if you must know) to block errant light from hitting the front of my face. set up the reflector, and it all worked out pretty well.

there's something about having a nice mix of hard and soft light on the subject that i like a lot.

so, that done, i wanted to build up the background a bit. first i gobo'ed the flash to prevent a lot of errant light from going back there. that worked allright, but i was still getting a lot of room bounce from the main flash.

decided some color was a good idea. set up the colorsplash with a slave trigger, and i liked it. but i'm getting a little tired of the just-a-color-gradient on my background. so i started looking around the apartment for something that would cast some cool shadows. i tried a few things before i came across our collander. clamped that in front of the colorsplash flash like this:

and the rest is history.

setup shot:

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